Sparkle Glitter Throw Pillows!

Hey, Frugalites!!

I just came across a super cute home decor! These are called Sparkle Glitter Throw Pillows by Incandescently. The pillows shine bright in the sunlight and show rainbows!

Link to Video on Pinterest

You know that there are some products out there like the Mermaid Pillows that I just absolutely love! The Glitter Sparkle Throw Pillows are just those! You have to see it to believe it.

Incandescently is currently running a 20% off sale on their website: Glitter Sparkle Throw Pillows.

Glitter Sparkle Pillows! Available Now (2)

This is just one of their designs that they have available! They told me that there are only 30 left! Get yours soon before they run out!

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