If You Were Given $1,000,000 Tomorrow, What Would You Do With It?

Hey, hey! I have a WHAT IF scenario for you!

Someone drops a bag on your doorstep tomorrow. It contains $1,000,000. The person leaves a note and says, “no strings attached – Your Favorite Celeb.” What would you do with it?

Now I want you to think about where you are currently in life. Are you in debt, do you have a smaller house and want to get a bigger one, is there something wrong with your current home that you would either add or change? This is a complete WHAT IF scenario so you have the reigns here.

I want to certainly talk about my scenario.

So tomorrow I get $1,000,000. Wow! That is pretty amazing. I would be flabbergasted at first. I know for a fact that I would turn it down at first, because $1,000,000 is a lot of money for someone to just giveaway. Of course, the benefactor would say that I have to take it. Now I am going through the motions. What is it exactly that I would want? A house? A car? Actually, I want quite the opposite. Yes, buying things right now would be great, but I want to be able to grow on that money. I want to be able to take that money and sustain life after.

First, I would get all the debt paid off.

Second, I would take that money and purchase items for my other business Incandescently. I would hire a Marketing Manager and purchase new production items to create a lucrative business. The thing is I do not mind getting my hands dirty. What I love most about Incandescently is that I want to be able to create those special moments.

Third, I would certainly invest some money in the stock market.

Fourth, I would buy some rental properties and go forth on that.

Tell me what would you do with $1,000,000 that was given (no strings attached) tomorrow? There are so many options that you could choose from.

Let me know in the comments!

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