Check-in Time!

Hey, Hey! It’s 2020! Yippee! Let’s check-in and see how you are doing!

For the first part of 2020, I have been working on my e-com website, Incandescently. I am starting to figure out how to divvy up my time between Super Frugal Mom (used to be Living on Dimes), Incandescently (Instagram, Etsy, and Website), OurFourAussies (Instagram), and Not Me, the World (Instagram). I have to admit that it has been difficult especially raising two youngsters, but it certainly is doable!

Let me tell you about Super Frugal Mom and why I changed it.

I have thought about Super Frugal Mom for quite sometime. The reason that I did Living on Dimes is that I thought that it would more pertain to those who want to live frugal, but then I thought to myself… I am a mom, blogger, entrepreneur, and frugal! I guess I really am Super Frugal Mom!

Super Frugal Mom to me means that you do not have to look outside. You can empower yourself just by using your keyboard! The better you are in life with your positive mindset, the better you will be!

Now to go about and tell you about my other journeys!

Incandescently was started in the beginning of 2019 as a journey to the e-com world. We currently sell pillowcases and throw pillows, but are branching off into other ideas soon! Incandescently is run by myself who is the designer and maker and my hubby, Thomas, who is the shipping manager and VP.

OurFourAussies: The name kind of speaks for itself! It is the journey of our adorable four aussies (Zoey, Zelda, Zia, and Zeta)!

Not Me, The World: Another Instagram (recently started), but about changing the world for a better place. Current events to those who need it yet some fun sayings on different items!

Wow! I have to admit that 2020 is going to be the best year ever! 2019 was good to us as well! A quick recap: We finally adopted! We have been in the process of adopting for sometime and finally in August, we adopted! Yay!

Like I said, I am a positive go-getter and I hope that you are, too! If not, then I will get you there. Being positive really does go a long way.

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