Quit Making Excuses!

An excuse by any other name is still an excuse!

So I started Living on Dimes, a while ago. Yes, a while ago. Honestly…  March 2nd, 2016 to be exact. Almost three years ago. In these three years, I have created maybe 15 posts. Wow… that felt good getting it off of my chest. I am a procrastinator at heart. I find that the easiest way to do something is to not to and avoid it like the plague. THE PLAGUE. You know the one that killed a ton of people in the 1300s.

Anyhow, I came up with every excuse in the book…

“I’ll start it tomorrow.”
“I’ll wait til next week.”
“One more hour…”
“The children… I have to think of the children.”

I procrastinated way too much and now it’s almost three years later after this blog officially started. I guess maybe the blog was more of a hobby at that point.

So what can you do to not be a procrastinator like me? What can you do to not have any more excuses?


If you hold yourself accountable, you can get past those excuses. Something that I started recently was to write out my calendar. When I wanted to post, any special freebies etc. I have told myself that I will start posting regularly, I will start to do this and that. You can do it to. Breathe a sigh of relief and start doing it.

The best way to be frugal is by starting to be frugal. You do not have to take the massive plunge, but you should start. Little by little, piece by piece. You can build your dream frugal life by laying down the bricks right now.

One of my favorite sayings:

What can you do today to make tomorrow better?

I really want you to think about that. Start with something small and build your mansion, your castle, your best frugal life.

Tell me your thoughts, your ambitions in the comments!

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