Do Not Be Quick to Judge Others

Okay, I am going to set the record straight here. I saw a post the other day in a frugal group where someone posted a picture of a Mercedes SUV in the parking lot of Aldi with the caption “What’s wrong here?” …You do not have to own a $1,000 vehicle to shop at discount stores. You do not have to be living on dimes in order to shop at other stores. The person that is shopping at the store is being smart. They are being frugal. You cannot have anything to say against someone that is being frugal. I do not care if they make $1,000,000+ a year. Every single person needs to be able to work together in this world.

This is what I want from you:

I want you to picture yourself satisfied with life. Where would you live? What would your job be? Now think about your budget that you can spend monthly. Obviously, with a massive salary, you can afford the best of the best, but really should you? You do not know how long you will be making $1,000,000+ per year for your life. It could be for a year, it could be for the rest of your life, either way, you should be thinking smart, thinking frugally. The best way to be smart is to think ahead for the future. You will not always be where you are right now. As each day passes you move forward to the next.

This is what I want you to do:

I want you to write down your wish list. I want you to write down what your aspirations are. I want you to write down baby steps to get there. I want you to be able to think frugally in the end. The baby steps that you make today, will make a bridge for the future. The future is now. What can you do today to make tomorrow that much brighter, that much better? What’s stopping you? WHY ARE YOU PROCRASTINATING? Just because you drive $1,000 vehicle (or whatever you drive now) does not mean that you will be driving that care for your entire life. Just because you drive a Mercedes now, does not mean that you still cannot shop at Aldi. Just because…

You want to be smart, you want to be better in life then do it. No one is stopping you. You cannot start an e-com business? Think again. Start with something small that you have around your house. Make quantities of it and sell it. Take that money and do more. Be more. Nurture your small egg to make a Golden Goose that gives out a lot of golden eggs. Even if you do not turn to be rich, at least you tried. At least you tried to do something, anything to get out of the hole that you may be in. But the biggest failure that you can experience, is not trying. Learn to be like that Mercedes at Aldi, be frugal, be smart, learn from your mistakes, but most of all keep on being frugal for the rest of your life. Conserve what you have and build off of it. Your Golden Goose is coming.

All I can say to end this is just because they have an expensive car does not mean that their life is any different from yours. They can still be frugal while owning that vehicle. Also, do not be so quick to judge someone else. You are not in their shoes.

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