2019 Goals and Aspirations

Hey, Frugalites!

It’s 2019!!  Woot! Five days in and finally I get to say so. Anyhow, I have come to a conclusion this New Year’s. The conclusion is: Goals and Aspirations suck. Yes, yes, they do. The reason: Sometimes they are lies that we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better. I do not want you to set a goal or aspiration, what I want you to set is A PLAN.

Why a plan?

Simple: If you set a plan/path then your goals and aspirations will follow.

You would not want to go to a new city without having a plan. You would not want to go to a store without having something in mind. Well, the same with your life. Do NOT go down a dark road without having to know what lies ahead. Yes, there may be turns, but the best way to go forward is by getting that next step.

A movie back in the day with Bill Murray comes to mind “What About Bob?” and in there, the movie talks about Baby Steps. I want you to think about small steps that you can to today to make tomorrow better and brighter. Could you put down that snack and grab a banana? Could you wake up an hour earlier to work out? How about could you brain storm for an hour or post something on social media during that time? The thing is you can do anything you put your mind to.

Now you and I both know that life has ups and downs. Not everything is a perfect line, there are curves, dead ends, road constructions, but you must go on. I do not want you to wake up one day and wonder what happened to my life. I want you to go forward still even when you feel like you are at the end. I want you to fail. In all seriousness, I want you to completely fail in every aspect of being a human. No, I do not wish ill on you or your family, but I want you to learn to navigate the waters by failing. I want that to build you up to become an amazing person that I know each and every single person has inside of them.

This year is going to be the best, because I say it is. Repeat that sentence to yourself. Envelope the sentence into your mantra. Talk to yourself in the mirror every single morning and say that you can. Be the Little Engine that Could. Be that character from your favorite book, movie, or game that defies all odds to make it to the top, because you can, you will. If you work hard enough then you can do anything you put your mind to. Hey, I said it again.

Obviously, this post is to make you feel better about yourself while bringing you down a peg, but in all reality, I do want you to succeed, but I want you to fail first. Without failing, you cannot learn. Without failing, you will never become a better person, the person that is meant to succeed.

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