Early Wake-up Call

Just wanted to share a quick story to you all. 

I woke up today at 0500. I am not sure exactly why. I do not blog full-time as of yet so my “day job” is a 1900 to 0730 shift which actually goes until 0830 some days. I work weekend overnights, because my job needs the help and they pay me well enough to work those overnights. So due to my job, I am usually a night owl, but today was different. Today… felt different. I woke up around 0500. Now, mind you, I worked Sunday into Monday, got off Monday at 0800 (early!), took an hour nap from 1200 to 1300 and finally went to bed around 0000. So you can just look at that and see how long I have been up for! So why today? 


I could not wait to write it down and think about all the ways that I could share this idea with the world. I have had numerous ideas in the past, but some of them never came to fruition due to the fact that they, at the the moment, are way out of my league and I have no mindset to even dive into that right now. 

My idea was simple, but certainly something that I can share with my readers and others that are in the same boat as I am. Working that 9-5 job, well, for me 1900 to 0700 job. Haha. But really, we all need a little help once in a while. 

Of course I will share it with my readers first, but in order to do that I have to work on it. The idea regards being in a financial slumber and trying to get out of it. Being in that mindset of that you dug yourself a grave and you need to get out. One of the worst financial situations anyone can be in is to be in debt. 

I find it funny that the littlest things in life can make you want to start anew. Be reborn like a phoenix. 

I have to get the kiddos up now so they can get to school so I can work on my idea. 

Have you had an idea lately? —> I always keep a notebook with me or my phone handy to write down ideas. Make sure to do that, because you never know which idea will win.

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