Why Start a Blog?

I have to say that one of the biggest questions that I get is why start a blog. I feel that starting a blog not only let’s people into your mind and your way of thinking, but writing also calms me and I love to teach. I am a very frugal person at heart and I want to help those who want to become a better frugal ninja. Hi-ya! Being a frugal ninja has nothing to do with your technique, but has everything to do with your mindset. If you think you can do it then I need you to go out and do it. I am a very half-glass full person, I always look on the bright side of things and know that it can always be worse.

I recently saw a post on a group that I am part of and someone asks, “what do you consider a luxury?” I thought about this for a moment. When I was a single mom, a luxury, to me, would have been eating out or someone watching my child. Being a single mom and living off of $20,000 a year was not ideal. I do not buy things that I cannot afford. If I only have a certain amount in my budget, I would rather put the money into savings that is left over rather than buying a new game.

Some comments that I saw were:

Buying something new
Spa day
Time with my children
Gym membership
Brand new phone


Now I won’t go through all of the comments, but I see some traditional and non-traditional items listed. The necessities ie food, clothing, and shelter are normally considered the most important and anything beyond that are luxuries. I completely agree with that. I used the envelope system, I did what I could. A luxury for me was Netflix and a television. We would always have meals at home and try to elevate the basics to change it up.

Starting a blog, makes me think more about that time in my life when I was struggling to just live. I want every single person to do more than just the bare minimum in life to go forward. I want them to realize their true potential while living frugally. Whether this blog will teach you how to go forward with life or teaches you a thing or two about being frugal, I want the best for each and every single one of the people that read this post. We may be a planet of 7,530,000,000+ people (that’s a lot of zeroes), but that does not mean that you cannot live a comfortable life.

If you are smart, frugal, yourself, and become a ninja (wait… one of those is not right…), you can rule the world (well, maybe just your frugal life).

I want you to go forward today. I want you to think about your life. What can you do today to make tomorrow different? What can you keep on adding on to that? Also, what do you consider a luxury?  Why would you want to start a blog?


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