Be The Change

Never is such a strong word. A word that I never use. <- See what I did there?  🙂

But really, if you truly think about your life, is there something that you would want to change? I know that life is hard and things get in the way, I am not asking for much. All I am asking for is a commitment. A commitment to yourself to be held accountable. Can you, will you, be the change? We all want to do something better for ourselves. Some want fortune or fame, or both! If you do not keep on going then who will? No one can make you rich except yourself. Take ten minutes every day then gradually add on that ten minutes and see what happens. Work towards a small goal. Build up on that goal. If you can dream it, you can think of how to go about it, and most of all you can do it.

What can you change about your life right now that will have an impact on your future?  Are there children involved? Does it include earning more money? Does it include a better lifestyle?

Personally, I have a couple of goals in mind for myself: 1. Provide for my family, 2. Get out of debt fast.

I have been working on both for a while now. My debt is getting better, slowly but surely. I currently am the only provider for my family so I have been working hard to get everything done.

Now you. I want to focus on you. Is there anything that you can change? Even if it is something simple. Something simple can change your future.

Positive thinking goes a long way. 

I want you to imagine that you are a salesman and that you are cold calling people. When cold calling, you get rejections. You put yourself into the mentality that if you get ten rejections that you will have a bad day. The tenth rejection comes and you can just feel that build up. You have just made yourself have a bad day. The next day, you do it all again and you have another bad day.

That mentality will hurt you.

Instead of feeling like you will have a bad day, I want you to do something simple…

FEEL EACH AND EVERY REJECTION UNTIL YOU FEEL NUMB. Only when  you feel numb, can you truly begin to build yourself up. 

Use this mentality to your advantage whether you are building a business or learning to succeed with your job. Positivity can truly make the grumpiest person happy.

I am going to leave you with some information:

1. Use your imagination to visualize only favorable or beneficial situations.
2. Use positive words in your dialogues.
3. Ignore what others think about you.
4. Smiling goes a long way to influence yourself and others around you.
5. Replace any negative thoughts with positive ones. Do this throughout your day.
6. No matter where you at in life, think positive

I want you think be the change that you can see yourself grow into.

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