13 Best Ways to become a Frugal Living Master

So you want to live your best frugal life? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We aren’t living on homesteads anymore, but we aren’t making a lot of money either.

Are you ready to live your best frugal life ever!?

1. Deep Freezer

Yes!!! You read that right. Buy a deep freezer. Save up for it. Squeeze those dimes, because, in the end, that deep freezer will let you SAVE MONEY!!!

The reason: A deep freezer can let you buy in bulk when items like meat or other frozen items are on sale. Buying in bulk saves you $$$.

One of my favorites:  Haier 5.0 cu. ft. Capacity Chest Freezer, White

2. No Impulse Buys

Sad, I know! But if you want to live frugally, ditch those impulse buys. Instead put the item on the back burner for about 30 days and then if it still pops up then you can do it. Always make sure that you budget for those buys though! Do NOT use credit to purchase.

3. Stop Cable/Satellite

One of the biggest mistakes when not living frugally is frivolous spending. Honestly, you can check out cheaper providers such as Hulu or Netflix.

4. Amazon Prime for 5.99???? What!?!?

You can even purchase Amazon Prime if you have EBT or Medicaid. Click the banner for more info! Offer expires 12/30/2018. Click the image below to see the item on Amazon (affiliate link).

Try Prime Discounted Monthly Offering

5. Debt, debt, go away!

Debt. Go away!!! Yes! Getting rid of debt has to be the hardest yet most rewarding way of living frugally. You conquer that mountain and you can see into the great beyond! The interest that you pay every month is a waste of your hard earned money. Do not let your money go to waste! If you can help it, do not use credit.

6. Buy Your Modem

Weird, I know! But if you want to live the frugal life, it is far more simple to buy that modem outright!!!  Think of it this way. You have internet for two years, $5 per month for your modem fee. That’s $120!!!

I, personally, have owned my fair share of modems and I have made the mistake of renting. Do not make that mistake.

I highly recommend Surfboard SB6141. Why do you ask? Simple, this modem has NEVER let me down. Always reliable. Click the image below to see the item on Amazon (affiliate link).

Also, do not forget the router!  The modem gets the internet, the router does the wifi. My favorite router is the Nighthawk R6700 by Netgear. I cannot live without mine. Click the image below to see the item on Amazon (affiliate link).

7. Use Craigslist, Mercari, Letgo, Facebook Marketplace

Have something to sell? Have something that you want to buy? Look at Craigslist, Mercari, Letgo, and Facebook Marketplace first. Sure, it’s not as cool as buying new, but secondhand is sometimes even better! Want to know why? Because it is cheaper!!! Cheaper is better!

8. DIY Gifts

Pinterest is your friend! Handmade gifts are great! You worked hard on the gift and people appreciate it. Try to start in July for gift ideas and work throughout the months to get everything organized and ready. Don’t forget to sell some, too!  😉

9. Family Game Night

Conversation goes a long way. Family game night is always a fun way to, well, have fun! Unplug the devices, put down your cell phone, and enjoy each other’s company! Board games and cards are fun!

10. Eat At Home (yes, you!)

Eating at home will save you lots of $$$. Learn to cook. Pick up simple ingredient cookbooks. Do not look for things that you will only use once. Eating at home is cost efficient. Plan your meals each week. If you want to go out, once or twice a month, fine, but make sure it is in your budget!!

11. Buy in Bulk

This is the toughy. I love to buy in bulk, but sometimes my budget just does not call for it. Make sure that what you are buying in bulk are the staples that you need throughout the next month or couple of months. If you bake, get some sugar and flour in bulk. Our family can never have too much toilet paper! Dog food, cat food are good things to buy in bulk as well. Again, cheaper is better!

12. Take Packed Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinners To Work

Do you know what adds up? Eating out (as mentioned earlier). Best thing for you to do is to bring your meals to work with you! You may ask why, because a lot of other people eat out. Well, those other people are NOT you. You want to become a Frugal Living Master then you need to kick eating out to the curb! Meal prep!

13. Avoid Late Fees

I cannot stress this one enough. Budget your pocketbook. Never be late. So you are late one month, you think “no big deal.” I’m here to say that IT IS A BIG DEAL!!! A late fee is money gone down the rabbit hole. What??? Not only do late fees hurt your current pocketbook, but what about getting credit later on? What about getting a mortgage? You know what happens when bankers see those late fees? They CRINGE. Higher interest rates in the future. Set a reminder a couple of days before your payment is due. If it is the weekend, then pay it at the BEGINNING OF THE WEEK!!

What other things do you do to become a Frugal Master? Comment below!

6 thoughts on “13 Best Ways to become a Frugal Living Master

  1. Plant you own herb garden. Even a window balcony makes a difference. I never buy lettuce or herbs. I have healthier and tastier veggies in my garden.

    1. That is a great way to live frugally! Also, teaches you (or even children) how to take care of plants the right way. Lots of education involved which can later be dispersed through other means. The more knowledge you have about a particular subject, the better off you are!

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